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At Last! An RPG Game That Kids Can Play ! !

Need a Quick NPC?  Keep reading!


When your Players are starting to get bored, you need some bad guys & quick!  This is how I do it.
 For Hit Points (HP) I Roll a 12-sided dice and multiply X 10.  This will determine how big the NPC is.  Then I roll a 20-sided to see what the Creature Save (CSV) is (the lower the better for the NPC).  Now let's say I roll a 10 on the d12 (100 HP) & a 5 on the d20 (5 Creature Save), and the (CSV) is all in one simple number, from the creatures spell attempts to the creature avoiding the Player's traps, Spells, etc.
 As far as Armor Class goes for the NPC's, I like to roll a d6 (even a d10 or a d12, in some cases) & either plus or minus it on the highest Player's Armor Class!  This should give you enough randomness to make your game run smoother.  To make an easier game, don't have anymore enemies than you have Players.

Ogs are early humanoid creatures that stand as tall as seven feet.  Males have tusks & females don't.  They're vulgar & primitive omnivorous, and they usually don't eat other humanoids, but they will protect their territory.  Certain tribes have been know to be carnivorous.  They're not known for casting spells, but there have been exceptions.  
Usually has 80HP / (10 CSV) / 14 + 1d6 AC / 1d10 TH 1d10 + DMG (TH = DMG)

Goblins are known ambushers!  They stand about 4 feet tall, and they're sneaky and almost always get the initiative.  Some are able to cast 1st LVL Spells, and they can make & repair crude weapons & armor.  They aren't that strong, so that makes them good for beginning Players.  I like to roll a d20 for the number in a tribe or family.  They can be found anywhere.
Usually has 1d20 +5 HP / (12 CSV) / 9 + 1d10 AC / 1d4 TH 1d6 + DMG (TH = DMG)

Dursh are savage creatures that are about 6 foot tall.  When the Fayvin was created on Earth, the Dursh were manifested, and soon after their arrival they became ruthless.  Their 'Saliva' is highly poisonous.  They're too crazy to work together, so a Dursh is usually always alone. 
Usually has 100HP / (12 CSV) / 9 + 1d10 AC / 2d6 TH / 1d8 + DMG / Bite 1d12 Must (CON SV) or be Knocked Out for 3 RNDS & if not healed within 3 days = Death  (TH = DMG)

Nissins are special.  They don't get any Stats!  They're normally only 6 inches tall.  A Nissin can 'Stop Time' and cast Any Spell!  They are also incorruptible, thank goodness.  They're forest & woodland beings, and they don't get involved much, unless it benefits themselves or nature, and they often work for Fairy Princesses.  They can come in & out of the Fayvin at will.  Some believe that a Nissin is a 'Highly Evolved' Fairy.  Nissins are the DM's little helpers!  They can disenchant just about anything.  'Nissin advice' is not always 'Sage advice'.

Ji’kon (Lich) is a High Ranking Durkryr that has Geased themselves for Power & Undead Immortality.  They are usually controlling Undead Creatures, & Monsters of all Kinds for their Undead Kingdom.
Usually has 150HP / (3 CSV) / 28 AC / +13TH 2d12 +13 DMG
Cast All Mage Spells 6TPD
Cast Fear: All in 20ft RD receive -2 TH & must (WIS SV) or -2SVB
Cast Pain: All in 20ft RD must (WIS SV) or 2d20 +10.
Cast Break: All in 20 RD -1 ATT do to Pain for 6 RND &  must (WIS SV) or a bone in 1 Limb Shatters for 1d6X6 DMG
Turn = Black Opal (Magical ? , Cursed ? well thats up to you DM)

Mogulbee  (Wraith) is an Undead Fayvin Kryr covered with a Black Frothing Robe Summoned by a Mage.  If the Mage Dies before the Duration of the Summon Spell, the Mogulbee is free to find Victims.  The Victim is plagued with nightmares.  If they fail their (WIS SV) they die and three days later a Spriggin crawls out of the Grave
Usually has 100 HP / (5 CSV) / 25 AC / +10TH 2d12 +10 DMG
Cast Pain: All in 20ft RD must (WIS SV) or 2d20 +10.
Cast Ghostly Fear: All in 20ft RD receive -2 TH & must (WIS SV) or -2SVB
Possession: CHAR must (WIS SV) or be controlled for 6 RND
Turn = Fayvin Dust

Spriggin (Ghoul)  is 3ft Tall.  They're Slimy & Nasty and some have Horns & some have Wings, and they Hate the Living & Eat the Dead and are Usually found in Graveyards.  After the Dead have been eaten on for 3 nights the Dead Awake Turning into Bogelbees.
The Average Spriggin has 40 HP / (10 CSV) / 19 AC / +4TH 1D8 +4 DMG / Bite 1d6 DMG
On a Successful Bite: CHAR must (CON SV) or be Diseased -2TH &  -2 DMG until Cured if not Cured the Victim will turn into a Bogelbee in 3 Days
Turn = Gargoyle is a Stone Guardian that can only Roam, in a 90ft RD of placement, during the Night.
80 HP / (6 CSV) / 21 AC / +4TH 1D8 +4 DMG / Bite 1d10 DMG

Bogelbee (Zombie) is Someone that has been eaten by a Spriggin or a Bogelbee.
Usually has 30 HP / (11 CSV) / 18 AC / +3TH 1D6 +3 DMG / Bite 1d4 DMG
On a Successful Bite: CHAR must (CON SV) or be Diseased -2TH & -2 DMG until Cured if not Cured the Victim will turn into a Bogelbee in 3 Days
Turn = Dead Corpse

Shibogle (Skeleton) is a Bogelbee that has been Undead for Hundreds of years. 
The Average Shibogle has 20 HP / (12 CSV) / 17 AC / +2TH 1D6 +2 DMG
Missile Weapons do only 1/2 DMG to the Shibogle
Turn = Dust

Skuldier (Mummy) is Someone Cursed by Wards even after they die Trapped in an area usually to Guard a Treasure of some kind.  
80 HP / (7 CSV) / 23 AC / +8TH 1d12 +8 DMG
Cast Rot: CHAR receives -3 AC for 5 RND & must (CON SV) or Die in 3 RND unless Cured
Hypnotize: Dispells all protections in a 20ft RD & All must (WIS SV) or Held for 6 RND
Turn = Dust

Sheegulles (Ghost) is a Cursed Spirit that has lost Something very Dear to it wile it was living, so the Sheegulles Haunts the Area of Attachment.  Wile the Sheegulles is invisible it is Immune to All DMG until it attacks or Cast a Spell & they are able to fly through Walls, Floors & Ceilings at will.
They Usually have 90 HP / (6 CSV) / 24 AC / +9TH 2d8 +9 DMG
Haunted Room: Such as Storm Room, Grow Room, Un-living Room, etc.
Cast Fear: All in 20ft RD receive -2 TH & must (WIS SV) or -2SVB
Possession: CHAR must (WIS SV) or be controlled for 6 RND
Turn = Fine Silver Dust

Vetamaht (Vampire) is Someone either bitten by a Zorenbee or a Vetamaht.  Immune to All Magic & Regenerates 10HP per RND During the night, but receives 10 DMG per RND in Sunlight. While invisible the Vetamaht is able to see invisibility & able to pass through Doors & thin walls (1ft) until the Vetamaht attacks or cast a spell & are able to fly & run on walls.
Vetamahts Usually have 110 HP / (5 CSV) / 26 AC / +11TH 2d12 +11 DMG  / Bite for 1d12
Cast Charm: CHAR must (WIS SV) or be controlled for 5 RND
Cast Break: All in 20 RD -1 ATT do to Pain for 6 RND &  must (WIS SV) or bone in 1 Limb Shatters for 1d6X6 DMG 
Cast Ghostly Fear: All in 20ft RD receive -2 TH & must (WIS SV) or -2SVB
On a Successful Bite: CHAR must (CON SV) or be Diseased -2TH & -2 DMG until Cured if not Cured the Victim will turn into a Vetamaht in 12hr
Turn = Dead Corpse

Shade (Phantom) is Someone Who died wile Geased Still Roaming to finish their mission. Some Knights try to Help the Shade complete their mission & if they do complete it the Shade Gives the Knight a parting Gift of +1 WIS & +1 INT 
60 HP / (9 CSV) / 21 AC / +6TH 1D10 +6 DMG
Cast Mind Trap: CHAR held for 5 RND & must (WIS SV) or -1 WIS & -1 INT 
Turn = The Shade is Released of the Gease wile the Knight Receives the Gease & must Complete the task even in Death

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Time-line for 'Solun's Chronicles: APARTMENT 4D'

Back in the old days, when I needed a book published, I found some monks who weren’t too busy and convinced them to start copying.

But these days, I have to go through ‘proper channels’, and this is our story:

A Time-line for ‘Solun’s Chronicles:  Apartment 4D’

  • 1993, August 1st  =  I started in on this ‘Joe Allgood’ guy – a poet with some potential.  I gave him a dream that began the whole ‘Heliopard’ mythos.  The seed was planted.
  • 1999, March 17th  =  It was on the morning of St. Patrick’s Day, when I enlisted an artist (Joe’s Nephew) named David Allgood into my ranks.  On this particular morning, Joe and David found 4, 5, & 7 leaf clover growing all over their front lawn.  They ran inside, both grabbed pen and paper, and while Joe called out the names of the Heliopards, David drew them – all twenty-two (22) of them in less than 20 minutes!  They caught the ‘tone’ and that was good enough for me.  Two and a half months later, and after many poems, drawings, outlines, two dictionaries and over twenty original music compositions, the three of us had the Pardillion Mythos hammered-out pretty darn well.
  • 1999, June 4th =  They began work on the book: “The Pardillion, Volume I”.  A book that would never be published.  Though it was the necessary meat to cover the bones of many a plot.  But life would not be kind in the mean time.  They had to move three times in less than a year.
  • 2001, October 23rd  =  Joe’s & David’s families are living in a small trailer house, when they take it upon themselves to create a ‘Heliopard Death List’.  Well, it was late in the evening when they were going through deciding which Heliopards would live & die through the ‘Great War in Heaven’, when they heard some aggressive knocking on the side of the trailer.  The knocking was soon heard on the ceiling & underneath the trailer.  Then the knocking went completely wild and was heard everywhere.  They looked outside and there was no one – not even a squirrel, so they went back inside and the knocking continued immediately.  Then Joe said, “Alright!  The Heliopards don’t die; they just go back to the Sun and are reformed there!”  And the knocking stopped.
  • 2002, October 5th =  A couple of years later they had to part ways (after moving twice more) but stayed in touch, and “The Pardillion” crept ever closer to completion.
  • 2003, September 11th  =  After many trials and tribulations, “The Pardillion, Volume I” is finished but un-publishable (too long!  Way too long!).  Then came more trials and tribulations, as their two families struggled to survive on a daily basis.  But they still kept in touch.
  • 2010, February 14th  =  Then Joe’s family moved in with David’s in an old but nice house, and so began the next book: ‘Solun’s Chronicles: CHAOTICAL’.  We had the plot laid out nice and slick and powerful, when we realized that it was going to require at least 340 pages or even closer to 370 pages.  This would be too long for a first publication!  What to do?!  What to do?!
  • 2011, February 3rd =  They decided to go with a short story that I’d suggested to them back in 2000.  Well, the short story soon turned into a short novel (only 240 pages): ‘Solun’s Chronicles: Apartment 4D’.
  • 2011, March 17thOn St. Patrick’s Day, the rough draft for ‘Solun’s Chronicles: Apartment 4D’ is complete.  And after a weekend of proofing & editing, they publish through

“There’s no treasure beyond the experience!”


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Through the ages, this Planet has accumulated many legends & myths that were based on actual events.  As author of "The Pardillion", I feel it is my job to set the record straight. 

I've seen numerous and mighty Empires build themselves up to fantastic heights of technological achievements - more than I could ever dream of writing in a thousand volumes of books - only to dwindle and decay and erode into dust, leaving no trace of their knowledge or wisdom other than some obscure legend.  And even that has been contaminated by the various and changing cultures that have passed it down through many millennia.  Names were misspoken or replaced by the names of whatever gods were popular at that time.  Even in olden times there were many royal conspiracies to hide the Truth, which have prevailed to this day.  You see, the Truth promotes change, and Rulers generally don't like change other than creating wars or raising taxes.  So it shouldn't come as any great surprise that much of man's ignorance of the past has been due to selfish political reasoning. 

"There's no treasure beyond the experience!"