Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Time-line for 'Solun's Chronicles: APARTMENT 4D'

Back in the old days, when I needed a book published, I found some monks who weren’t too busy and convinced them to start copying.

But these days, I have to go through ‘proper channels’, and this is our story:

A Time-line for ‘Solun’s Chronicles:  Apartment 4D’

  • 1993, August 1st  =  I started in on this ‘Joe Allgood’ guy – a poet with some potential.  I gave him a dream that began the whole ‘Heliopard’ mythos.  The seed was planted.
  • 1999, March 17th  =  It was on the morning of St. Patrick’s Day, when I enlisted an artist (Joe’s Nephew) named David Allgood into my ranks.  On this particular morning, Joe and David found 4, 5, & 7 leaf clover growing all over their front lawn.  They ran inside, both grabbed pen and paper, and while Joe called out the names of the Heliopards, David drew them – all twenty-two (22) of them in less than 20 minutes!  They caught the ‘tone’ and that was good enough for me.  Two and a half months later, and after many poems, drawings, outlines, two dictionaries and over twenty original music compositions, the three of us had the Pardillion Mythos hammered-out pretty darn well.
  • 1999, June 4th =  They began work on the book: “The Pardillion, Volume I”.  A book that would never be published.  Though it was the necessary meat to cover the bones of many a plot.  But life would not be kind in the mean time.  They had to move three times in less than a year.
  • 2001, October 23rd  =  Joe’s & David’s families are living in a small trailer house, when they take it upon themselves to create a ‘Heliopard Death List’.  Well, it was late in the evening when they were going through deciding which Heliopards would live & die through the ‘Great War in Heaven’, when they heard some aggressive knocking on the side of the trailer.  The knocking was soon heard on the ceiling & underneath the trailer.  Then the knocking went completely wild and was heard everywhere.  They looked outside and there was no one – not even a squirrel, so they went back inside and the knocking continued immediately.  Then Joe said, “Alright!  The Heliopards don’t die; they just go back to the Sun and are reformed there!”  And the knocking stopped.
  • 2002, October 5th =  A couple of years later they had to part ways (after moving twice more) but stayed in touch, and “The Pardillion” crept ever closer to completion.
  • 2003, September 11th  =  After many trials and tribulations, “The Pardillion, Volume I” is finished but un-publishable (too long!  Way too long!).  Then came more trials and tribulations, as their two families struggled to survive on a daily basis.  But they still kept in touch.
  • 2010, February 14th  =  Then Joe’s family moved in with David’s in an old but nice house, and so began the next book: ‘Solun’s Chronicles: CHAOTICAL’.  We had the plot laid out nice and slick and powerful, when we realized that it was going to require at least 340 pages or even closer to 370 pages.  This would be too long for a first publication!  What to do?!  What to do?!
  • 2011, February 3rd =  They decided to go with a short story that I’d suggested to them back in 2000.  Well, the short story soon turned into a short novel (only 240 pages): ‘Solun’s Chronicles: Apartment 4D’.
  • 2011, March 17thOn St. Patrick’s Day, the rough draft for ‘Solun’s Chronicles: Apartment 4D’ is complete.  And after a weekend of proofing & editing, they publish through

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