Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Through the ages, this Planet has accumulated many legends & myths that were based on actual events.  As author of "The Pardillion", I feel it is my job to set the record straight. 

I've seen numerous and mighty Empires build themselves up to fantastic heights of technological achievements - more than I could ever dream of writing in a thousand volumes of books - only to dwindle and decay and erode into dust, leaving no trace of their knowledge or wisdom other than some obscure legend.  And even that has been contaminated by the various and changing cultures that have passed it down through many millennia.  Names were misspoken or replaced by the names of whatever gods were popular at that time.  Even in olden times there were many royal conspiracies to hide the Truth, which have prevailed to this day.  You see, the Truth promotes change, and Rulers generally don't like change other than creating wars or raising taxes.  So it shouldn't come as any great surprise that much of man's ignorance of the past has been due to selfish political reasoning. 

"There's no treasure beyond the experience!"